Is Lighthouse a school?  What time can I drop off my children? 

Well, wouldn’t that be nice!  Actually, we are primarily a group whose focus is field trips and social activities for students.  We also serve as a means for parents to glean information and support from one another.  You may find that small groups of families within the larger Lighthouse Family have their own co-ops and study groups.  These are all developed and carried out by parents just like you!  If you want your middle-school child to study botany this year with a group of peers, set it up and make it happen!

How often do you meet as a group? 

Our monthly teachers’ meetings are held at a park and include all of your children.  They look forward to this special time to meet up with their friends!  The meetings are normally the last Thursday of the month, with the exception of November (to avoid Thanksgiving) and January (to avoid conflicting with Polk County Youth Fair).  Occasionally, if public school’s Spring Break falls during the last week of the month of March, we will also move the meeting date up one week.  Always read your Beacon to see where we are meeting that month!

The Beacon?  What’s that? 

The Beacon is our monthly newsletter, which you will find on our communication Forum, once you are a member.  The Beacon tells you which field trips have payments due each month, explains upcoming trips, announces special activities at the meetings, etc.  The Beacon is typically published a week before the teachers’ meetings so that you can be prepared.

What else can my child do besides attending the meetings and going on field trips?

Lighthouse offers age-specific groups so that your students can benefit from socializing with their peers in activities designed just for them.  Currently, we offer Little House for K - 5th grades,  Middle House for 6th - 8th grades, and Lighthouse HS Teens for 9th-12th grades.  Years to Shine (Y2S) is a new group for 8th-12th graders who are interested in leadership, service, goal-setting, learning life skills and exploring post-secondary opportunities.   Of course, most of our field trips are for the general membership and include all ages, but these subgroups have their own park dates and pool parties and are a little something extra.  Lighthouse also offers Explorers Literature Club for 7th Grade & up, and Art in the Park for K-5th grades who like to get crafty while learning!

What if I want to start up a new club or activity group, like a singing choir or a Shakespeare club? 

That would be fantastic!  We are always looking for fresh ideas and want Lighthouse to be representative of the group’s desires.  Contact one of the Boards Members for more information about starting up a club or subgroup within Lighthouse.

How do I sign up for field trips? 

We have two types of trips—general field trips and those that we consider Living Arts (stage performances, concerts, puppet shows, etc.).  The Living Arts trips are coordinated far in advance—usually over the summer.  To receive the number of seats that a group our size requires, we must have members sign up on our Forum for ALL SHOWS at the beginning of the school year.  Each performance has its own arranger and members sign up for the plays that they are interested in.  Payment collection is staggered throughout the year as these performances grow near.  General field trips hold sign ups and payment collection on a month-by-month basis.  We are always adding new trips!

where can I find my Lighthouse Member ID#?

If you are an existing member, Login and select Important Document (under NEWS) and find LH Roster.  You can search on your name to find your ID#.  IF you still need help, click on AboutContact us, and submit your questions.

What if I sign up for something but have to cancel? 

Please bring your calendar to the meetings so that you can avoid double-booking.  Also, be mindful of your budget.  As far as cancellations, we all have things come up at the last minute—an illness, an unexpected emergency…Please use courtesy if you must cancel.  If you know in advance that you will not make it, contact your arranger immediately.  There may be a waiting list.  If it is a last-minute cancellation, you still need to call your arranger so that they will not personally miss out on a portion of the trip by waiting for you.  No-showing for trips is never acceptable.

What do I do if I have a conflict with another Lighthouse Member? 

There’s a saying that any group that allows human beings to be a part of it is eternally flawed.  We are all human.  Our children are human.  Personalities will not always mesh in perfect harmony.  If something happens at a meeting or on a field trip that is beyond what you would consider a normal conflict, see a Board Member as soon as possible so that it can be addressed.  All members must agree to a standard of behavior as a part of their membership application.  Let’s work together for peaceful resolutions should these things occur.

I am really struggling.  Is there a way that the group can be in prayer for me and my family?   

Absolutely. We have a Prayer Box at each meeting to meet this need.  You may write your need on a card and slip it into the box.  Let us know whether you would like the Board to be in prayer for you anonymously or whether you would like someone to post your prayer request on the forum in the Prayer Room.  You may also go on the forum yourself under “Prayer Room” and post your request.

I have a home-based business.  Can I mention it to my friends within Lighthouse? 

You sure can!  We have a special room on our forum just for this purpose.  If you are a math tutor, sell Tupperware, decorate cakes, or your husband is the best plumber ever, tell us about it!  It is a great way for homeschooling families to support other homeschooling families.  Please keep your commercials reserved for the Home-Based Family section of the forum, though.

Is Lighthouse on Facebook? 

We are!  Ask to be a part of the private group “Lighthouse Homeschoolers”.  Once we have verified your membership, one of our administrators will approve you.  While our Facebook page is not a substitute for our Forum, you can communicate with the group or share field trip photos from time to time.  If you have information to share that affects the entire membership, please use the Forum, as not all members are on Facebook.  All events/activities are to posted in the Forum. 

How can I serve Lighthouse Homeschoolers? 

We’re so glad you asked!  There are a number of ways you can help out.  A group our size certainly cannot survive on the leadership of a few.  You could organize a field trip (contact the Field Trip Coordinator to learn more).  You could offer to take over a small project (Scholastic Books, Box Tops, Soda Tabs) when an existing coordinator steps down or needs help.  You could greet new members and help them get connected.  You could volunteer during the year at our Thanksgiving and Splash Bash celebrations to lead a game or help with food.   You could even use your expertise and offer to lead a co-op or teach a class or just hold a one-time workshop.  Contact a Board Member if you have any other ideas on how you can serve!  Thank you!