About Us

Our History

Lighthouse Homeschoolers started in August of 1991 with about 10 families. Over the years the group structure and leadership has changed to accommodate its growth. Though there have been many changes since its inception, Lighthouse is a cooperative of parents that strive to meet the needs of the families within the group. Field trips, educational events, social activities, and parent/teacher support are the major focus of the group.

Our Board

Our board is made up of volunteer homeschooling parents that are here to help you! Feel free to reach out to any of our board members for help! 



Jodi Jones serves as director for Lighthouse, overseeing the responsibilities of the Board to help things run smoothly. She began her homeschooling adventure in 2006.  Jodi enjoys cooking for her husband and four children, she also enjoys essential oils and arguably has a Pinterest addiction. 



sylvana hl2.jpg

Sylvana serves as treasurer for Lighthouse.  As treasurer, She is involved in a variety of things going on at Lighthouse including membership and FPEA.  Sylvana began her homeschooling adventure in 2011 after leaving her full time career to be home more.  She enjoys quality time with her husband and 2 children, and exploring new things together. She loves helping other moms and dads “go Green” affordably, and loves arts and crafts.

Valerie Eich 2017-18.JPG


Valerie is the Secretary of Lighthouse.  She processes applications and greets you when you sign in at the meetings.  Valerie Eich ("Ike") have been married to Kirk for almost 17 years.  They have two children, Joshua (12) and Addelynn (8).   They are going into their fourth year of homeschooling, and thinks she finally gotten the hang of it!  In her spare time she loves spending time at the YMCA, doing fun things with her family, all things natural health and wellness, and helping her husband restore their 102 year old home. 


Heather Wise // beacon Editor

Heather publishes the monthly newsletter, The Beacon. This is her fifth year with Lighthouse.  She enjoys reading, bargain hunting, attending the theatre, and  experiencing life's adventures with her two kids.


Ashleigh Donahue // Living Arts Liaison

Ashleigh serves as the Living Arts Coordinator for Lighthouse, overseeing the performing arts shows that the group attends.  She secures contracts with theatres, assigns individual arrangers for each show, as well as insuring that the group maintains an impeccable professional relationship with the theaters.  She works in close contact with the Field Trip Coordinator to effectively advertise all field trips to create a well-rounded and fun year of field trips for the general membership.  Has been married to her amazing husband, Luke for 16 years. They have 3 children, Raina-15, Aidan-11 and Amaia-7.  She has been homeschooling since 2015.  Ashleigh left her full-time career to spend more time with her kids and to give them a Christ centered education. She loves volunteering at her church with the Kindergarten and first grade classes as well as reading, shopping, and spending quality time with her family


Christina Feliciano-Consuegra // Social Activities Coordinator

Christina is the Social Activities Coordinator.   She facilitates social activities such as the children’s activities at the meetings, the Thanksgiving Social, and the end of the year program.  Christina is married to her husband Jose and they have 2 daughters, Adrianna and Carmen Lily. She began her homeschooling journey in 2014 after resigning from full-time employment and relocating from the Northern VA Metro Area to be a stay-at-home homeschool mom. She enjoys spending time with family, singing, working with the children's and ladies' ministry at her church, meeting new people, traveling, cooking and tending to her mini farm of 18 chickens, 4 ducks and a dog.


Wendy Thornton // Field Trip Coordinator & Community Service Liaison 

Wendy is the Field Trip Coordinator and Community Service Liaison.  She has been married to Russell for 10 years (and counting) and they are raising arrows (Psalm 127) daughter, Grace 8 and son, Asher 6.  She is a versatile and determined mom that enjoys allergy friendly cooking, crafting, and sewing. Some might say she is OCD with organization skills. She has been homeschooling since 2013 and can't imagine school any other way!


MARCIA BUTLER // Prayer/Care Coordinator

Marcia Butler.JPG

Marcia serves by overseeing the Lighthouse Keepers. This committee of Lighthouse volunteers strive to encourage and uplift Lighthouse members by actively supporting the spiritual and physical needs of Lighthouse families. They are devoted to praying for each individual family, helping provide meals for families during times of need and providing individual support and encouragement. 


Danette Knowlton //  Web/Forum Administrator

Danette is the Web/Forum Administrator.  She has been a member of Lighthouse since 2012.  Her family began the homeschooling journey in kindergarten and loves it!   They enjoy learning and exploring new things with their daughter…  the fields trips, theater, and park days.   The friendship and support from other homeschooling families has been a blessing.  She is married to Derek and loves doing family activities:  tennis, saltwater fishing, going to the beach, camping, and just exploring new places. 


Kimberly Smith // ADVISoR, living arts

Wedding- Kimberly Porch Closeup.jpg

Kimberly is the Living Arts Advisor.  She is married to David and has been homeschooling her two teenage sons since 2010.  She enjoys Thai food, watching British television,  and facilitating the Sweet Potato Book Club. 


Laura Rains // ADVISOR, Field Trip

Laura is the Field Trip Advisor.  If asked to go shopping, about crafting, or how to braid hair, you'll likely be met with a blank stare. You see, she resides in a frat house with a half dozen men. She is better equipped to discuss Legos, Star Wars, and Marvel heroes!  She has been married to Jerry for almost 27 years, and has enjoyed many adventures with their sons:  Kile 23, Evan 20, Jake 17, Sam 14, and Ben 11.  They have homeschooled for 18 years. She is thrilled to do just about anything that can be done in the sun, including cycling and running.


tracy lafler // prayer & care ADVISOR

Tracy is the Prayer & Care Advisor.  Tracy and Tim have been married 20 years, Annie is 19, Kaia is 17, and have been homeschooling 14 years.  This is her last year of homeschooling as their baby is graduating this year!  She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. Tim and Tracy have a soft spot for children all over the world so you never know who will be living in their home as their “heart” children.  She also enjoys party planning and service projects. The two usually go together as she parties with a purpose. You won’t find Tracy sitting still as she enjoys anything outdoors from camping, hiking, and running.  She is usually barefoot or wearing flip flops if she must wear shoes.